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Architectural Workflows

High Performance Building Design Based on Daylight Analysis

Author: Vina Rahimian

Required Dynamo packages: Ampersand, Solar Analysis for Dynamo, Refinery Toolkit for Massing, Refinery Toolkit for Space Planning.

Description: Use site context and a zoning boundary created in Revit to create a generative building form with maximum indoor daylight and PV potential analysis as the key focus.

Download workflow files.

Single Objective Optimization- Optimal Umbrella Location for Shaded Seating

Author: John Pierson

Required Dynamo packages: Clockwork, Solar Analysis for Dynamo, Generative Design for Revit

Description: The graph optimizes an umbrellas orientation (angle to sun, rotation) based on solar analysis results. It takes a Revit family as input, optimizes the parameters and drives those parameters on the original Revit element. This example aims to provide a great example use-case of the Data.Gate node and the Remember node.

Expanded Documentation: Detailed documentation for this workflow can be found here.

Video Overview:

Download workflow files.

Sightline Analysis for Restrooms

Author: John Pierson

Required Dynamo packages: SpaceAnalysis, Clockwork, archilab

Description: The graph will evaluate the sight lines for a restroom given a water closet Revit element. This can be expanded upon to include multiple sight lines, generative placement of the element, etc. This sample's primary goal is to demonstrate how to use the Space Analysis package in a Revit context.

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